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Andrew explained in one hour what I have been trying to figure out for a long time. This was far more effective and higher yield than any of the online financial modules my school thought would be helpful. My school should 100% be recommending White Coat Investor and StudentLoanAdvice.com to its students, and I hope they do so in the future.

I also appreciated Andrew’s friendly demeanor and skill in explaining what could be complex topics in a way that my wife and I understood. He is a great teacher, and it was especially helpful for us to see these concepts explained using our own situation and actual loan amounts. It was eye-opening to run the actual numbers and see just how much we can save from one plan to another! Thank you!

Andrew B., Radiologist Resident

Andrew was organized, punctual, knowledgeable and extremely helpful–we give him 5 stars! He began by patiently listening to us and thoroughly answered our questions. Our session was educational and replaced our anxieties surrounding current and future debt with reassurance and confidence. Andrew helped us to map out future payment plan options tailored to our individual needs and goals. His response time was excellent and his email recap was extremely useful and easy to understand.

We genuinely felt like every moment of the experience was helpful and we are excited to recommend him to our peers that we know would benefit from his expertise. We highly recommend him! 

James E., MS3

I am so glad to have met with StudentLoanAdvice.com. There were so many takeaways, that it is hard to name just one. It was all helpful. I now have a plan and understand how to proceed. I know when I should start making payments and have an understanding of what my payoff and payment expectations should be in the future. Thank you for giving me direction!

Benjamin N., Family Medicine Resident

I had a call with Andrew who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with my student loans. I didn’t end up making any significant changes on my plan, but I feel great having validated it with an expert!

Andrew was an exceptional counselor! I’m going to recommend him every chance I get.

Gavin J., Optometrist

I recently had a call with StudentLoanAdvice.com to talk about my student loans. Andrew prepared a comprehensive student loan plan tailored for my specific situation and goals. We talked in depth about IDR plans, refinancing and the optimal plan for my personal situation.

The hour-long consultation was very valuable and I highly recommend this service.

Brenen O., Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Resident

During the hour-long consultation with Andrew, he provided clarity on my student loans and overall financial plan. He walked me through a comprehensive plan detailing my repayment options, the pros and cons of each and the best plan for my situation. The only thing I wish I could change would be to go back in time with the knowledge I have now and begin Income Driven Repayment at the start of my residency. I highly recommend StudentLoanAdvice.com to anyone who needs help managing their student loans.

Parker H., Orthodontist

Andrew’s expertise and customer care was excellent. Like a great doctor, he quickly and accurately diagnosed my situation, gave me an excellent plan, and even had back up plans when things did not go well. I am glad I consulted with Andrew. Truth be told, as a DIY type of guy, I was reluctant to pay the consultation fee. I am glad I did not listen to my cheap side because the quality of his service was worth it. The 200x return on investment was an amazing cherry on top.

My story: I wanted to know if I qualified for public student loan forgiveness (PSLF) under the new rules. He reviewed my files and told me that my situation qualified. I needed help navigating the PSLF system. He gave me step by step instructions to get through the application process. Unfortunately, I was rejected by the loan company. Andrew reassured me that I should qualify. He gave me instructions on how to appeal. Ultimately, the loan company conducted another review and agreed that I did qualify for forgiveness, and a six figure burden was off my shoulders.

Anonymous, Orthopedic Surgeon

I scheduled a pre-debt consult with studentloanadvice (SLA) because I was uncertain how I was going to afford medschool and then pay for it once I was done. Andrew helped me understand who to contact in order to receive loans, what the types of loans are and how to minimize expenditures with borrowed money. He chatted about multiple strategies to pay down my loans as well when I graduate.

The clarity for the future was very valuable as I now have a clear picture for how to borrow and my potential pay down plan for when I start training. The value of the consult is far above the cost. I’m planning on connecting with SLA again at the end of school to firm up my repayment plan.

Katie T., MS1

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